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  • Forex Trading is the most commonly traded market in the world with over $4.5trillion  traded per day.
  • Forex trading involves buying one currency whilst selling another and as Traders we make money in these price movements.
  • We can either buy or sell a currency depending on whether we think a currency will be strong or weak, we do this by completing our analysis on the charts and fundamental analysis.
  • You can do this from your own home or on your mobile phone, so you only need internet connection and a trading account to be able to trade.
  • Prices move in pips and as traders we aim to make pips. Pips equals pounds.
  • Its very simple to do and we are with you every step of the way. With studying and hard work you could become a self sufficient, consistent profitable trader


  • Can provide you with a extra regular income or even become your full time job depending on your personal goals. Helping you create more income streams
  • You can trade anytime between 10pm Sunday – 10pm Friday UK time – so its flexible and you will always find an opportunity
  • You don’t have to sit looking at charts for hours, Forex trading can save you time by providing you an income whilst doing the things you love
  • Can potentially earn a higher % then what a savings account could offer you with a financial institution
  • Earnings can be uncapped in this industry
  • You can choose when to close your trades
  • A sense of achievement by learning something new


  • provide first class Forex trading training.
  • provide client care that is unchallenged in the industry.
  • have a genuine want to see our clients succeed.
  • do not charge a penny for clients to join our 12 month education and mentor program.
  • provide round the clock support to you to ensure you get the attention and training you deserve.
  • provide you with thousands of pounds worth of Forex education books and videos to enhance your knowledge
  • don’t send signals but share the trades we take with the analysis behind them
  • provide over 3 hours a week of live learning and market webinars, these are also recorded and put on our site to watch again
  • are traders not marketers and don't promote false lifestyles.
  • regularly meet clients face to face for both trading and social events.
  • provide down to earth training with the aim of helping you trade long term in the markets.

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Free 12 months Forex trading training course with our experts. With weekly webinars and learning material.

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Trade sharing service. Follow our experts trades and earn.

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Exciting investment opportunities for aspiring traders and people who want their money to work hard for them.


I have been doing the training for a month now and can honestly say it is first class with a personal touch. The training so far is well paced, well thought out and if I have missed anything or want to recap, I can re-watch the webinar which is great. As an added bonus my trading account is well in profit, I’m earning while I’m learning. Thanks to Chill Forex and Charlie for a great programme.


Not a bad word to say about Charlie and Chill Forex. Genuine, honest guy and literally there to help anytime. I’ve been learning with Charlie now for 9 months and can not recommend highly enough.


Charlie has a passion for forex trading which shines through on every webinar. A genuine, honest guy that is always on hand to help you understand. I’m excited about my forex future now that I’m learning with Charlie, I can not recommend highly enough.


CHill Forex is like nothing else in the industry, an industry full of false hope of a get rich quick scheme. Charlie will teach you the basics right through to the most technical of trading techniques with the huge depth of knowledge he has within the markets that has helped me to trade daily at consistent profits. He offers a great education package with 24/7 support you can get him any time of the day such a down to earth guy that you wouldn’t get anywhere else.
Couldn’t recommend this programme enough.