. @ConsenSysVC just invested $1 million in crypto trading platform @CoinhouseHQ and an undisclosed amount in privacy-centric @tentabrowser. It's part of a broader strategy.

"The challenge faced by institutions in working with bitcoin ... is that financial instruments for institutions need to be boring. Institutions rarely custody their own assets." – @anguschampion #Crypto2018

"Sometimes we want to abstract away 'the blockchain,' but if we want global participation in governance processes and contribution to projects, it’s necessary to build bridges." @AlexisGauba #Crypto2018

ErisX is expanding its board as it prepares to launch spot and derivatives markets for bitcoin and, eventually, ethereum.

Blockspring, a startup that makes tools for collecting and managing data from APIs, has been acquired by Coinbase.

"If we want [ #blockchain] technology to make up our financial and governance based futures, it is crucial that those building these technologies are representative of the global, diverse population which they are to serve." – @AlexisGauba #Crypto2018

BitCoin News

South Africa Wants to Mandate Registration of Crypto Service Providers BTCTN photo

No Reason to ‘Bury’ Cryptocurrencies, Russian PM Medvedev Says BTCTN photo

"Shutting down is not an option for us." – Arnon Saksri, CSO, Coin Asset

Markets Update: Crypto Prices Drift Sideways While Traders Remain Uncertain BTCTN photo

American Companies Can Now Settle Payroll Taxes In Cryptocurrency via Bitwage BTCTN photo

Zero Hedge

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Trump Plans Missile Interceptors, Senors And Radars "To Shield Every City"

"Buy Guns, Drink Beer, Eat Ribs" - We Need To Retoxify Masculinity

Netflix has burned $7BN in cash in the past three years.

Belarus Hooker Arrested In Moscow After Thailand Detention; Claims To Be Trump-Russia "Missing Link"

Netflix Slides After Earnings Miss, Light Guidance As It Burns $15 Million In Cash Daily