Will it cost me anything?

We have an affiliation with an award winning broker, you will sign up to your own trading account with them, using a link we give you. For that the broker pays us a one off fee that covers your education cost. We do not profit from any of the trades you take or any of the losses. We make most of our money through trading.

So why do you offer education if you make your money through trading?

The industry we work in is currently riddled with people who don’t act with clients best interest at heart and try and make a quick buck out of them. We aim to honestly teach you, over a sustained period of time, in order to help you succeed within the forex markets. We act with honesty and transparency in all our client interactions.

Will I become profitable in trading after the 12 month course?

The training programme is designed and been proven to make successful profitable traders over a 12 month period. A lot of trading is to do with psychology and emotional discipline which we also teach. You will need to keep your emotions in check and be disciplined in order to be profitable. The tools we give you provide you with the knowledge to be successful but its down to you as an individual.

What is a realistic amount of money I will earn?

We believe in building up your account size in percentages. So we look to obtain a % increase on our account size each week and aim to beat what a financial institution pays you in interest a year each week.

We risk manage all our positions to ensure steady growth on our account. If you can earn while you learn then it’s a bonus too right? One thing we do tell you, you will not be a millionaire after a week of trading, anyone who tells you otherwise is wrong.

How much % can I make a month?

We have a target of 12% a month on our trading accounts. That is a realistic target and it can be more interest than you would get from it being in a savings accounts.

What experience do I need in order to start?

You do not need any experience or prior knowledge on Forex trading in order to start with us. We provide you with the complete basics and build your knowledge on from that. We do teach you all chart and news related activities within your education so don’t worry.

We are always on hand to answer questions throughout the education. No question is too silly.

Do you trade anything other then currencies?

Yes, we also trade Gold, Silver, Oil, FTSE 100, DAX30, Dow, S and P 500 and some individual stocks depending on the opportunity that presents us. Knowledge on all of these will be provided throughout the programme.

Do you provide clients a signal service?

No, we share the trades and analysis we take on our trades and if a client wants to enter it then it is their choice, but we do not give clients advice, we are Education providers first and foremost. We do not take that many trades as you don’t need to in order to become a profitable trader. Think quality not quantity. We are disciplined in the trades we take and we teach that also.

When do you expect us to take our own trades?

From the education you will begin to identify your own trades and want to take them, it’s entirely up to you as to when you are in your comfort zone to do so, we are always on hand to give you help and support if you want our advice on a pair.

We want you to protect your account balance and do not want you over trading.

Will you have access to my trading account?

NO. We will never have any of your details from your trading account. The broker we use are fully regulated and compliant and you have data protection with them.

They would not break data protection nor will we ever want them to.

How much do I have to deposit to start and can I take it out when I want?

There's a minimum of £350 to start off which is deposited into your own trading account. You can withdraw it for free as and when you want. This normally takes 2-3 days to be transferred back into your account

What else do I need to set up?

You will need to provide a proof of address and proof of ID for the broker as they have AML requirements to complete when accepting new clients. This is legit and everything is kept confidential between you and the broker. We are not provided with these details at any stage.

You will need a notebook to keep all your notes in from the education that we provide and a strong and willing desire to learn and be successful

Does every trade you take win?

No, as traders we do also have losses, but by the risk management that we teach we will keep our losses smaller then our wins and at the end of the week we have a % increase on our accounts. No traders have a 100% success rate and we don’t claim to. We aim to build up our account size each week and have a track record in doing so.

When can we trade? Can we trade at weekends?

We are retail traders and we can only trade between the hours of Sunday 10pm – Friday 10pm. This is when our broker is open for us to put trades on. Although exchange rates still change at weekends, we just can’t trade outside of those times, although you can still have open positions.

How much time will I need to put into this each week?

We offer 2.5 hours a week of expert tutoring plus ongoing support if you ever have any questions. You can do your own studying as well to enhance your learning even quicker, we have an extensive range of online books available to our clients. Just call your educator if you need some additional help.

How much to I need to start off with?

You will need to deposit a minimum of £200 to your own trading account.

I can’t trade during the day if I am at work can I?

We offer and provide strategies to yourselves that doesn’t involve looking at the charts during the day, these are longer term strategies that allow you to place and trade and leave it. Set and forget we call it. So you can place either before work or after, the markets are open 24 hours during the week, so you can work it around your schedule.