If you have some knowledge of trading and you just want the help and guidance of following an experts trades to boost your confidence, or if your currently with a provider and your not profitable then you can follow the trades we take and share with the rest of our clients.

We are consistently earning pips each week and we would like to help you earn some too.

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We are transparent in everything we do and we will provide a report of positions at the end of each week so you can see overall performance.

We provide all entries prices, stop losses and profit targets at the same time as we take the position. We inform you if we close and why.

The price we charge is £25 per month paid via PayPal – you will be placed in a WhatsApp group where you will receive these.

Alternativley, you could receive these for FREE by signing up with our dedicated broker and depositing a minimum of £300 into your account and actively using this as your trading account.

We have carefully selected the broker Axi Trader, which is an FCA Regulated and UK based broker with spreads that are one of the cheapest if not the cheapest on the market. So your money is fully protected, safe and you are not trading with a loosely regulated broker.



This is an exciting investment opportunitie for aspiring traders and to people who want their money to work hard for them.

Current banks are paying between 1-2% on savings account per year, Inflation is running at 3%, so effectively you are losing money. So to ensure your money works harder for you ideally you want to beat the rate of inflation.

Whilst Banks pay 1-2% a year we aim to achieve that on a Weekly basis, returns are not guaranteed but all positions we take is strictly risk managed and there is full analysis taken behind each trade.

We have been consistently profitable making % gains each months of our accounts and we just want to help you build yours. The money will never be passed over to us and will stay accessible and fully in your control.

Here is a short video explaining What a PAMM account does.